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Stopped at Stalingrad: The Luftwaffe and Hitler's Defeat in the East 1942-1943

by Joel Hayward


(University Press of Kansas, 1998 ed., 2001 ed.)

ISBNs: 0-7006-0876-1;   0-7006-1146-0



"... an original and formidably researched study ... Stopped at Stalingrad is an absolutely indispensable work not only for its revelations about Stalingrad, but equally for a more complete understanding of the nature of Soviet-German

operations in a critical year."

-- Professor John Erickson,

RUSI Journal, June 1998, p. 80.



"Hayward, in a magnificently researched study, provides us with what is probably the best look at how the Luftwaffe operated in the context of the 1942-1943 Stalingrad campaign. ... He also provides the best available account of the disastrous Stalingrad airlift."

-- Richard Muller, in C. Messenger, ed.,

Reader's Guide to Military History

(Fitzroy Dearborn, 2001), p. 740.



"An excellent new source on this [tactical support and air logistics] is Hayward's [book]. Providing a detailed history of these operations, Hayward refutes or supports many of the older sources. ...

It is an advanced and exhaustive work

that will become a standard in the field". 

-- James F. Gentsch, in

Reader's Guide to Military History, p. 766



"This is a superb piece of work. It is an absolute must for anyone with an interest in the war on the eastern front, and on the Stalingrad campaign in particular. ... The book is splendidly researched and well written. Hayward has the knack of being able to explain even very technical matters in easily understood prose."

-- Professor Richard L. DiNardo

New York Military Affairs Symposium Newsletter,

Fall 1998, pp. 4-5.



"Stopped at Stalingrad is a first-class publication. It is authoritative ... and an example of how 'new military history' should be written.

It should firmly cement Joel Hayward's reputation

as a talented writer and a fine historian."

-- New Zealand Army Journal, 19 (July 1998), p. 65.



"Joel Hayward's outstanding new study deals with German air operations in the southern reaches of the Soviet Union. [No other books] have charted the aerial component of that operation in the kind of meticulous detail presented here. And certainly none have shown such a command of the facts. ...

Stopped at Stalingrad proves itself a thorough, scholarly treatment of the under-reported subject of German air operations on the road to Stalingrad. Recommended! ...One of the best of the year?"

-- Stone and Stone Reviews, 21 July 1998.



"Stopped at Stalingrad is admirably suited for reading in your favourite chair next to a nice fire, thanking God for the comfort and warmth. ... [It offers] wonderful and illuminating new dimensions to the battle which previously was written from the perspective of the German ground force's side. ... Hayward's book is a great one for anyone interested in the proper and improper use of airpower."

-- Ian Thompson, 

Military Bookshelf, 6 December 1998



"... an important new contribution. ... [Stopped at Stalingrad] not only provides an interesting way of looking at one of the most studied battles of the war but also makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the war on the eastern front. Too often historians of World War II have ignored the importance of air power in the Russo-German conflict. Hayward's Stopped at Stalingrad goes a long way toward filling that historiographical gap."

-- Professor Russell Lemmons

History, Fall 1998, p. 27.



"Stopped at Stalingrad is an illuminating companion piece to these works [Murray's and Muller's classics]. It is painstakingly researched ... [Hayward] has produced a fundamentally sound and eminently readable contribution to the war literature."

-- Earl F. Ziemke, The International History Review,

Vol. XXI, No. 1 (March 1999), p. 220.



"This is a very important account of a key aspect of the battle that is arguably the turning point of the war. Highly recommended."

-- Charles Winchester,

Osprey Military Journal, Vol. 3, 2000.



"Hayward's research is impeccable . ... His tri-dimensional [ie, joint service] treatments of the Crimean campaign, the siege and capture of Sevastopol, and the air-ground actions during the Battle of Stalingrad are perhaps the best available anywhere. ... His examination of the Stalingrad airlift is also first rate, and provides an unparalleled view of the operation from the air fleet headquarters' perspective.... Hayward's rendering is an important contribution to the airpower history of World War II."

-- Professor Richard Muller

The Journal of Military History,

October 1998, pp. 951-952.



"The great merit of this excellent account is to remind historians that this was not just a ground struggle, but an air war as well. ... Hayward has used a remarkably wide range of sources, which he handles with exceptional deftness and critical detachment. He writes clearly and interestingly. ...This is a model of its kind, which ought to set an agenda for the reconstruction of the air narrative in this and other theatres in the greatest of air wars."

-- Professor Richard Overy,

War in History, Vol. 8 No. 1 (2001), pp. 123-125.



"This campaign history is a well-written study of great victories and incredible defeats. As Hayward relates these events, he shows his mastery of the subject, starting with incisive background information that explains Germany's desire for Soviet oil. As the battles unfold, he aptly describes events at many different areas of the front without confusing the reader. Hayward writes of weapons, strategies, and leaders in a clear and understandable way. History buffs, strategy lovers, and warriors learning about their profession will all enjoy Stopped at Stalingrad. It will also encourage Americans who are much more familiar with the combat history of their own forces to learn more about the Soviet experience in World War II."

-- Herman Reinhold

[US Air Force] Aerospace Power Journal, 

Volume XVI, No. 1 (Spring 2002), pp. 122-123.



"This highly acclaimed work analyzes role of air power in the Axis 1942 Blau Offensive and the Battle of Stalingrad. ... Hayward draws on diaries of many German and Russian key commanders and regular airmen to recreate crucial battles and to convey the drama of Hitler's frustrations and reckless leadership. The book is a major contribution to understanding of the Stalingrad Battle."

-- Reviews



 . . . . . . .



Lifeblood: A Book of Poems

by Joel Hayward


(Totem Press, 2003) ISBN: 0-9582446-1-8



"Memorable and insightful. ...

Thumbs up for Hayward's work"

-- Evening Standard, 9 May 2003



"... as an academic, and now as a poet and fiction writer, Hayward has achieved much. This is a complex book, and deserves a much longer review. Hayward is at home with the visceral, the cut and thrust of argument, war and death, pain and revenge....

The poems are racy and innovative, a definite

cut above the moderate fare currently on offer.

You enter a whole new world when you read Joel Hayward's poetry."

-- Southern Ocean Review

Issue 27 (12th April 2003)




Hayward's "eclectic" poetry reflects his "enigmatic mind" ... "His poems are passionate and full of rich images and exert a strong and dignified intelligence. Hayward exerts a courageous strength, rebelling against his past creative constraints, and in perhaps a flush of originality and ambitious flair,

has achieved a work of art."

-- Chaff, 14 July 2003, p. 23.



"The author sets out to deliver poetry that is relevant and accessible to the whole community. This he achieves. ... We are treated to a fascinating "OE" from the comfort of our favourite armchair drawn up to the log fire. ... So are you going on a journey? Staying by the fire? Either way you'll find Joel Hayward's Lifeblood

a useful addition to your library."

-- Valley Micropress, August 2003



 . . . . . . .



Jenny Green Teeth and other Short Stories

by Joel Hayward


(Totem Press, 2003) ISBN: 0-9582446-3-4



"Superb. ... Deep, brooding and intense. ...

This is storytelling, and New Zealand fiction, at its best."

-- Evening Standard, 9 May 2003



"This is a stunning book of short stories, for their sheer variety and depth, and also strength of language. The 'fable' aspect of the title story is compelling and real, not that I will give away any of the plot here! 'My Own Grave,' about the Terrace End Cemetery is scary. It is strange that dead people are treated as so real, but that is the stuff of exciting storytelling. Hayward writes with an eye to truth and justice and historical accuracy.

It is up to us to know what to do

with writing as superb as this. Can we learn?

-- Southern Ocean Review

Issue 27 (12 April 2003)



 . . . . . . .



For God and Glory: Lord Nelson and His Way of War

by Joel Hayward


(United States Naval Institute Press, 2003)

ISBN: 1-59114-351-9



Soon to appear in a

new Korean edition!




"Hayward is a prolific writer on military history, strategy, operational art and command. ... In this exceptionally well written book he answers his own question [Is there anything new and important to be said about Nelson?] with an eloquent 'yes'."

-- Lt Col Richard Seamon, USMCR (ret.)

U.S. Naval Proceedings,

October 2003, p. 114.




"For God and Glory stands apart from the usual biographical-social treatment that is commonplace nowadays and makes a distinct and important contribution to the field. The author's experiences and perspective make him uniquely situated to comment on important aspects of the admiral's career."

-- Barry Gough, author of

Fighting Sail on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay



"Joel Hayward has both an understanding of modern military theory and a wide knowledge of Nelson's life and career. This unique combination of experience has enabled him to write a thought-provoking book that not only approaches the over familiar Nelson story in a new and interesting way, but also successfully demonstrates how an admiral of the sailing-navy era can still offer valuable insights on leadership to today's electric warriors.

This book should be required reading in all military academies -- and in schools of management as well."

-- Colin White,

Director, Trafalgar 2000

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich



"Nelson has often been thought of by biographers as a man before his own time. It is entirely fitting therefore that a thoroughly modern military analysis of the man should be written. Dr Hayward's analysis is incisive. It is an outstanding contribution to Nelson literature which will act as a beacon for biographers for years to come."

-- David Shannon

Editor, The Nelson Dispatch



"Joel Hayward is not just rehashing Nelson's life as so many of the modern biographers have done. A skillful and experienced writer, he has freed himself from chronological constraints to make an original and interesting contribution to the field."

-- R. Burdett Mafit

North American Secretary, The 1805 Society



"... a professional, painstakingly researched, and solidly written study of a watershed period in European history.  ...[It] provides a generally unemotional and admirably factual examination of a remarkable historical figure."

-- The Press, 2 August 2003



For God and Glory "bear[s] testimony to the ongoing allure of the world's most popular amphibious rascal. ... [It is] highly original ... and views the admiral's war fighting from a vantage point not accessible to many of Nelson's leading biographers."

-- Sea Classics, Vol. 36, No. 9 (September 3003)



"Naval history's grandest figure and the most well-known and revered warrior in Britain's pantheon of heroes. The author supports this claim by analyzing Nelson's fascinating life and unsurpassed naval victories within the context of, and focusing on, the admiral's war-fighting style. ... Nelson's legacy remains relevant today."

-- Military Heritage, February 2004, p. 86.



 "In For God and Glory Joel Hayward neatly, and not uncritically, summarizes the man and his approach to warfighting in just six relatively short chapters, including several which touch on areas not usually given much attention. ... The author's treatment of these is excellent. ... Hayward goes on to add interesting, and valuable, chapters on "Nelson and War on Land" and "Coalition Warfare," giving the reader a deeper understanding of Nelson's brilliance. A valuable addition to the literature of naval warfare in the age of sail."

-- The New York Military Affairs Symposium Review,

No. 28, Autumn 2003.



"[For God and Glory] makes a very useful and distinctive contribution. ...  of great interest to students of modern warfare ... [Hayward] has created a thought-provoking work that will certainly help to sharpen and to refine the on-going discussion about Nelson."

-- The Journal of Military History,

Vol. 68, No. 1 (January 2004), pp. 252-253.



For God and Glory has "an interesting approach, handled with intelligence and ... a very decent prose style. ... Nelson's conduct of amphibious and land operations receives much more pointed and effective criticism from Hayward than from other biographers. ... [The book] raises legitimate questions, is a good read, and gives military professionals food for thought."

-- W.A.B. Douglas,

The Northern Mariner:

Journal of the Canadian Nautical Research Society,

Vol. XIII, No. 3 (2003), pp. 64-65.



"A fascinating work of strategic philosophy. ... The result is surprisingly persuasive.  [Its analyses] are thought-provoking and, in places, offer fresh ways of understanding what happened."

-- Colin White,

The Mariner’s Mirror:

The Journal of the Society for Nautical Research, November 2003.



"This effort by Hayward merits serious attention. ... [It] provides many fresh insights into the workings of Nelson's mind. ... There is no question Hayward has done his work and supports it by solid research. He poses important questions and proffers plausible answers. He clearly admires Nelson, but is quick to recognise his faults and his contradictory character traits. Any serious Nelson student will benefit from this book."

-- Dr Paul Webb,

International Journal of Maritime History,

Vol. XV No. 2 (December 2003), pp. 486-487.



"The treatment of Nelson's victories is of interest, but even more engaging are Hayward's analyses of Nelson's handling of reversals ... [Hayward's Nelson] seems more accessible... [This is] engaging reading for the Nelson fan and time well spent for those seeking a contemporary re-examination of one of history's most intriguing characters."

-- Peter Sorensen

Sea History:

Journal of the National Maritime Historical Society,

No. 106 (Winter 2004), p. 42.



"[This is] a fresh and original contribution. ... Hayward makes a strong case for his conclusion that Nelson's legacy remains relevant for today."

-- Dr Wayne Lutton

Human Events: The National Conservative Weekly, 20 May 2004.



"Horatio Hornblower enthusiasts take note: this excellent thematic approach to popular military hero Horatio Lord Nelson's career serves as a wonderful accompaniment to the fictional series by C.S. Forester and A&E's recent film versions of the stories. An innovative and well researched addition to military studies and, because of the clear examples from primary sources that discuss Nelson's leadership, management and command style, for instance, this book is useful for business studies too."

-- Therese M. Feicht (PLA)

2004 University Press Books Outstanding Titles


 . . . . . . .




Born to Lead? Portraits of New Zealand Commanders

by Glyn Harper and Joel Hayward


(Exisle Publishing, 2003) ISBN: 0-908988-33-8



"Very readable ... This book is an important  contribution to our military history studies and to the study of the special nature of New Zealand command. For the potential leader it provides practical insights, but it has a wider audience. Be you student, historian or interested Kiwi, you will find this book is well worth reading."

-- Lt Gen Don McIvor, ret.

New Zealand Army News, 29 July 2003



"This is a ground-breaking collection of essays. ... All concerned, writers and editors, must be congratulated on the clarity and freshness of these essays. They are readable and well organised; there is no jargon and even the picture captions are interesting. Born to Lead? is inspirational".

-- The Press, 6 September 2003



"... the book succeeds in giving a small window into the officers of the past. It tackles an ambitious subject by trying to explore whether New Zealand armed forces have a leadership style. In doing so [it] provides a good reference to the leaders of our military past and how our military was shaped. It was good for a civilian like me to learn how our military leaders handled our civilian soldiers. The subject is still very relevant to all New Zealanders as war plans still call for the conscription and mobilisation of civilians if we are ever faced with a serious threat."

--Daniel Jackson, Wanganui Chronicle, September 2003.